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iSlide - 简单,好用的PPT插件!自由组合30万+ PPT可商用原创模板和素材,多达38个“一键化”设计功能让PPT变得简单起来!同时支持Windows(office和wps)、macOS,提供更新、更安全、正版ppt设计插件iSlide官方下载。
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Support Win 8+ (MS Office 2010+ / WPS Office) macOS 10.15+ (MS Office 2016+)
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Supported devices iOS 12.0, iPadOS 12.0, Android 7.0 and above
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Support WeChat Wechat V 4.0.14 and above
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Resource Library Features
Case Library
Theme Library
Color Library
Diagram Library
Chart Library (Smart Chart Editor)
Icon Library
Photo Gallery
Illustration Gallery
Due to the limitation of the development interface, some features of iSlide can only be used on Windows version of WPS and macOS version of PPT for the time being. Once the interface is updated, we will add and improve more available features at the first time.

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