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Member benefitsNormal UserPersonalEnterprise
8 million+ genuine gallery
200,000+ CC0 copyright-free
30,000+ original boutique
Blue label template for members
Commercial authorization Only learning and communication Personal Commercial Licensing Enterprise commercial warrant
Authorization Certificate
Download limit 10/day Download Download
Resource Upload
personal space 500M initial personal storage 500M/person Personal storage
Enterprise space 5000M initial public storage
PPT Course
User management
Template management background
VAT invoice Electronic general ticket Electronic general invoices/special invoices
Dedicated customer service

Members can download a large number of original PPT templates

Browse all templates
Exclusive functions for islide desktop members
Exclusive to members

Template upload

Exclusive upload space and establishment of private ppt resource library

Exclusive to members

Material management

Personalized tag settings to quickly retrieve uploaded resources

Coming soon…

More member specific functions will be launched soon


You only need to log in to the islide template website, the islide client, and the islide app / applet with the same account of the purchased member to realize multi terminal product benefit sharing.

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