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iSlide is a PPT-based plug-in tool that includes 38 design aids, 8 online libraries, and over 300,000 professional PPT templates/materials for macOS and Windows (compatible with Office and WPS)
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Solve various PPT design problems

Too much trouble to find material
The web PPT templates are mixed, the design is not standardized, the secondary editing workload is greater, and there are also copyright risks.
Repeated editing changes
When "copy and paste" becomes the norm for PPT, endless text layout, editing alignment, resizing and other tedious operations come one after another.
Unprofessional presentation
Various color matching and graphic layout make PPT design more tangled, and eventually fall into the cycle of "finding templates everywhere and editing and piecing them together again and again".

More than 300,000 PPT templates / materials

Component design: any combination of template / diagram / chart / icon / picture can be flexibly replaced.
Case Library
A selection of the best PPT case works in the PPT industry. In addition to providing well-designed templates, we also give you logical outlines and frameworks for content, and even more valuable and reusable content, which will cover various scenarios of presentation design applications.
Diagram Library
PPT diagrams are graphic representations of text. The iSlide Icon Library is a collection of resources for PPT icon pages to help users quickly select and apply them based on logical relationships and text levels, saving time in PPT design.
Chart Library
iSlide chart library provides more professional PPT bar chart, bar chart, gradient chart, ring chart, pie chart and other Excel editable data chart templates, and also provides intelligent charts, through the parameter adjustment to quickly achieve the accurate expression of data and graphics, easy to achieve data visualization design.
Icon Library
Contains nearly 200,000 vector icons, which can be freely adjusted in color, size and even changed in shape. You can insert the icons into the current PPT document with one click, or replace any selected graphic on the PPT page with an icon.

Quickly achieve one-click optimization

You can adjust Chinese/English fonts, preview text effects and application modes at the same time, and replace various fonts used in PPT documents with specified fonts with one click.

Powerful design and layout functions

Circular layout
Insert a shape in PowerPoint, set layout parameters using "Loop Layout", add text information and related information elements; make a loop copy of a single shape.
Matrix Trimming
Crop the selected graphic (or picture) in landscape and portrait orientation, suitable for making gridded graphics/pictures, or pyramid diagrams.
Adding and removing watermarks
Batch add and remove page watermarks, add any selected element (text box, graphic, image, icon, chart, table) to all pages or specified pages in batch and keep the position unchanged.
Control point adjustment
Digital precision adjustment of control points for shapes inserted in PPT with control points (small adjustable yellow dots after inserting shapes in PPT) adjustment.

Standardized design tool functions

A group of elements (text boxes, graphics, images, charts, etc.) can be quickly implemented in various equal-width, equal-height, equal-size, and extension operations, while the selected two elements (text boxes, graphics, images, charts, etc.) can be exchanged in position.

Professional team, original ppt template

Selected resource templates are originally designed by iSlide team or have been authorized by the relevant rights holders, original design, genuine guarantee, commercial worry-free.
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Software is just a tool, and tools should be used to improve efficiency and create value. Both P-circle professionals and workplace professionals can use iSlide to make a difference and create the value of effective communication.
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