Save 90% of PPT design time for your business

Millions of professional materials Original and genuine guarantee Commercial use license
  • 企业商用授权
  • 解锁iSlide全站素材+1000万视觉中国正版商用图库
  • 共享协作存储空间

How can iSlide improve the efficiency of enterprise PPT design?

  • Shared Synergy

    Enterprise PPT templates/materials unified management, all staff sharing and collaboration
  • Genuine Gallery

    Vision China 8 million+ images library, license guarantee, PPT commercial worry-free
  • Exclusive Customization

    Enterprise-level exclusive templates, diagrams, charts, and graphs to make PPT more business and professional
  • Skills Training

    Provide PPT enhancement training courses for enterprises based on real application scenarios
Shared Synergy
Enterprise exclusive resource storage space, real-time upload backup of material, effectively avoid material accidental deletion; enterprise material one-click download, refuse to file repeated transmission.
Genuine Gallery
Vision China 8 million+ resources to meet corporate training/presentation needs for different occasions, commercial license guarantee to protect the genuine rights of corporate members.
Exclusive Customization
Enterprise grade exclusive templates, diagrams, charts, 300,000+ downloads, making PPT more business and professional.
Dedicated customer service
1-to-1 enterprise micro channel service, 24/7 rapid response, solve any use, background questions, share the latest functional skills.

One-stop solution for enterprise PPT applications

  • Plug-in Tools

    iSlide is an efficient PPT plug-in with more than 30W materials, combining intelligent layout, original high quality templates and commercializable images, saving 90% of PPT design time
  • Theme Template Customization

    Customized templates for internal and external use, so that employees' PPT documents can be standardized in design and output, improving editing efficiency and professionalism, while enhancing the external image of the company
  • Corporate Training

    Solve workplace PPT inefficiency, from design ideas, application experience, operational skills, combined with example analysis, to improve the overall efficiency of enterprise staff PPT design
  • Business Presentation Design

    Suitable for company roadshows, product launches, industry summits, program reporting and other business scenarios, according to customer needs, more accurate presentation design, and strive to visualize the delivery of information

Pioneer in the field of PPT design

Over the years, we have provided PPT application solutions for thousands of local and global companies, creating the value of effective communication in presentations
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Industry Solutions

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