Typesetting and alignment, one click

Treat obsessive-compulsive disorder and bid farewell to inefficient manual typesetting


A group of elements (text box, graph, picture, chart, etc.) can be quickly aligned and evenly arranged in various ways.


It can quickly realize various equal width, equal height, equal size, and extension operations for a group of elements, and can exchange the positions of the two selected elements.

Text box content

The default size of the text box inserted in the PPT is "adjust the graphics according to the text", so the graphics of the text box cannot be expanded freely and can be set to "adjust freely". When you need to put more text into a text box or shape of a specified size, you can select overflow indent.

Standardized layout and professional presentation

Preciseness is also an attitude that helps you to be accurate to every pixel

Reference line layout

Aligns an element or group of elements in a page to a reference line in a specified way, or expands within the reference line.


The adsorption alignment of two or more elements shall be carried out by edge trimming.


Adjust the order of the top and bottom layers of elements in the page, or open the selection pane to edit the top and bottom order of elements.


Expand more complex shapes through Boolean operations and vectorize text.

Fit editing habits to improve design efficiency


Text box margins

Adjusts the distance of the text in the text box (or graphic) from the edges


Rotate the elements in the page


Copy and paste the original position of the element

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