Privatized deployment for intranet security

  • Privacy of documents

    The iSlide product and its PPT content are deployed on your own server, ensuring the privacy of all content and supporting a highly available architecture
  • Efficient Dedicated Server

    Resource content is deployed on your own server to ensure maximum stability and access speed of the service, enhance user experience and improve development efficiency
  • Unified maintenance of PPT templates

    Administrators can be set to manage and update PPT resources, and you can upload your own copyrighted materials to realize the unification and standardization of PPT applications
  • Team Rights Management

    Enterprise-level exclusive management backend, easy to manage user authorization, view user usage data, update and maintain corporate PPT documents
  • Professional Technical Support

    The dedicated team can respond to solve various problems of enterprises in a timely manner, and can provide relevant design training to achieve standardization, efficiency and specialization of PPT application for all employees of enterprises
  • Premium Service Community

    Independent community for the client's team, where they can answer questions about the use of the products for each of the client's employees and hold various PPT-related trainings on a regular basis

Effectively enhance the efficiency and professionalism of corporate PPT design

  • PPT resources sharing and collaboration Can manage the enterprise exclusive resource library

    Administrators can upload and share corporate PPT resources, and sub-users can unify and standardize the use of corporate PPTiSlide企业版,简单快速的私有化部署,全员统一工具和PPT模板的应用,进行PPT私有化部署定制,保证文档资料私密性,高效独享服务器,团队授权管理,专业技术支持,独享专属服务社群。
  • More rational allocation of account resources

    User configuration at a glance, resource downloads all recordediSlide企业版,简单快速的私有化部署,全员统一工具和PPT模板的应用,进行PPT私有化部署定制,保证文档资料私密性,高效独享服务器,团队授权管理,专业技术支持,独享专属服务社群。
  • More standardized use of corporate templates

    Create corporate presentation documents to allow employees to perceive and communicate the inner workings of the companyiSlide企业版,简单快速的私有化部署,全员统一工具和PPT模板的应用,进行PPT私有化部署定制,保证文档资料私密性,高效独享服务器,团队授权管理,专业技术支持,独享专属服务社群。

Privatized deployment of exclusive service benefits

    Free Service

  • Exclusive client customization

    Interface UI primary colors Software Launch Logo Customization Menu bar function name exclusive definition
  • Tutorials and Training

    Full-featured online learning videosPPT Application Training Video Course
  • Precise material service

    Analyze application scenarios and provide high matching template materials First-time labeling service for company-owned resources

    Optional value-added services

  • Corporate PPT templates standardized design¥ 8990 / Set

    Diagnose existing templates to optimize and improve designs Establish PPT standard specification, unified application for all staff
  • PPT Advanced Design Custom Training (Online)¥4500/hour

    PPT Globalization Design Study GuidePPT standard application (exclusive customization) specificationPPT information visualization design
  • Exclusive customization of PPT functions On-demand quotes

    Custom development of PPT one-click function according to enterprise PPT application requirements

Simple and easy to implement deployment process

Average deployment time is only 1-3 hours, with resource import time depending on order of magnitude

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