Making business presentations more valuable

Give the power of slides to PPT with a sophisticated and professional design that clearly conveys valuable information to the public

High-end business presentations

According to the scenario demanded by the customer, the presentation design is more refined and precise, striving to make the visualization of information delivery more impactful and persuasive, suitable for company roadshows, product launches, industry summits, self-published long-image communication and other scenarios
  • PPT page optimization S level

    Optimized design based on PPT filesiSlide企业版,根据客户所需,进行精细化的定制演示设计,包含主题模板,图示模板,图标模板,同时结合iSlide插件与30万PPT资源库进行标准化设计,适用于公司路演,产品发布会,行业峰会,自媒体长途传播等
  • PPT page optimization SS level

    Distill the logical focus and form a graphic visualization designiSlide企业版,根据客户所需,进行精细化的定制演示设计,包含主题模板,图示模板,图标模板,同时结合iSlide插件与30万PPT资源库进行标准化设计,适用于公司路演,产品发布会,行业峰会,自媒体长途传播等
  • Infographic Design

    Graphical design of information based on mobile (app/WeChat/Weibo long chart), easy to spreadiSlide企业版,根据客户所需,进行精细化的定制演示设计,包含主题模板,图示模板,图标模板,同时结合iSlide插件与30万PPT资源库进行标准化设计,适用于公司路演,产品发布会,行业峰会,自媒体长途传播等
  • Launch/roadshow design

    Create scripts and visualize graphic designs combined with animations for multimedia presentationsiSlide企业版,根据客户所需,进行精细化的定制演示设计,包含主题模板,图示模板,图标模板,同时结合iSlide插件与30万PPT资源库进行标准化设计,适用于公司路演,产品发布会,行业峰会,自媒体长途传播等

PPT Template Customization

Template customization includes theme templates, diagram templates, and chart templates, combined with iSlide plug-in and 300,000+ PPT resources to perfectly match, suitable for internal and external applications of the company's reports, programs and other PPT documents of the table design output, improve editing efficiency and professionalism
  • Theme Template Customization

    An effective resource to help companies improve PPT design efficiency and establish standardization
  • Customization of illustration templates

    More effective delivery of information in a vivid graphic format
  • Customized chart templates

    An effective resource to help companies improve PPT design efficiency and establish standardization
  • Full set of PPT template solutions

    Customized enterprise exclusive full set of templates, establish enterprise PPT application scenario professionalism

Animation Production

As a necessary part of PPT effect, animation effect will bring stronger visual impact. iSlide not only has the traditional PPT dynamic effect making skills, but also can combine PPT animation with effect forms such as SVG/MG animation, and the team also has the founder of the famous software Animation Master, to escort your animation effect.

Client Customization

In the context of today's emphasis on efficiency and collaboration and brand unity to the outside world, it has gradually become a trend for enterprises to have their own set of PPT clients. iSlide can create a customized plug-in for enterprise organizations and deploy it to the corporate intranet for easy, secure and private unified management.

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