However, making PPT is considered a headache

  • Extensive PPT reports

    Business reporting at work is more often requested in the form of PPT presentations

  • Repeated adjustment edits

    Copy and paste has become the norm for PPT editing, and repeated revisions create more workload

  • Spend more time

    The tangled color scheme and layout, doing PPT eventually fell into the synonym of "overtime"

  • Unprofessional presentation

    Over-designed for "good looks", with exaggerated images and cool animations that make the content ambiguous

Let non-designers make professional PPT

It is about the comprehensive design issues of typography, color, text graphic, data presentation, presentation... and how to improve the efficiency and professionalism of PPT design, as well as tips for the final presentation/presentation/lecture.

We provide more targeted and improved training solutions for different application needs through our experience in designing and executing PPT reports/roadshows for cross-industry and multi-discipline functions. Non-traditional course dogmatic menu function explanation, the whole dry goods, around the participants problem status to solve the actual problem.


From the continuous accumulation and practice of PPT commercialization design

  • 16Year +

    Industry experience accumulation

  • 4500Home

    International and local project cooperation

  • 1200times

    Training and lecture site

  • 70000Page

    PPT presentation design experience

"Slide Power" Workplace PPT Skills Training (online/offline)

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  • 1. Skill operation

    Change the traditional inefficient and redundant operation habits, and improve the efficiency of PPT editing and design comprehensively

  • 2. Design ideas

    Learn design rules to achieve effective information delivery methods and enhance PPT presentation professionalism

  • 3. Application experience

    Solve the long-standing problems of PPT design/technical implementation, and reporting/roadshow application strategies

  • 4. Example analysis

    Interpreting real PPT application cases through Before & After, revealing the design process and guiding the practice

  • 5. Plug-in and resource support

    Provide participants with PPT plug-in tools and resource materials and sample case studies to enhance efficiency

  • 6. Continuous improvement

    Provide post-questions and new content push to help students implement the learning outcomes, continuous improvement and enhancement


Inefficient, low-quality design will only bring the diminishing effect of content dissemination, wasting not only time, losing not only the opportunity

After training

Improve the level of design while making PPT a skill other than this job, so that the energy returns to the essence of work
After attending the training they all recommended
Software is just a tool, and tools should be used to improve efficiency and create value. Both P-circle professionals and workplace professionals can use iSlide to make a difference and create the value of effective communication.

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