More iSlide Training Instructor Affiliates

On average, 6+ years of training experience in teaching the effective use of iSlide in PPT

Li Chi

Toastmasters International Speech Champion
  • Internal trainer of large central enterprises / five years training experience
  • 8 years of project management experience in large projects
  • iSlide Gold Trainer, Presentation Coach
  • Well-known new energy self-media V
  • Responsible for the presentation of over 3.5 billion RMB projects
  • 200+ training sessions experience

Training direction

Presentations, business/personal presentations, logic and content building

Course Name

[ The quick salvation of workplace presentation ]

[ Fragmented modular presentation learning courses ]

[ The Presentation Plan for Career Elites ]

[ One-stop solution for presentation/thinking/presentation ]

Xu Liang

Functional Knowledge Map Development Course Development Internal Training Specialist
  • 20 years in human resources and organizational development
  • Training and organizational development manager roles in China for Roche Pharmaceuticals, Bayer and Emerson
  • Created 18 T/E/L sessions for individuals to management
  • 21 years in HR work, deeply understand the workplace skills pain points of HR
  • Training a total of 5000+ students, with rich experience in organizing large-scale training in the region

Training direction

Presentation training, personal effectiveness training, management leadership training

Course Name

[ Training system structure point line surface body thinking ]

[ Training in presentation skills for training courses ]

[ Business presentations and speeches ]

[ Team Atmosphere and Leadership Style ]

[ Structured thinking and application ]

Gao Jian

Excel Practical Reporting Expert
  • Microsoft International Certified Instructor MCT
  • 8 years of experience in office software training
  • 7 years of experience in administration and personnel management in central enterprises, lean management expert
  • Familiar with office application scenarios, combined with quality and efficiency
  • Training and consulting services for more than 40 companies, schools and hospitals
  • 3000+ students, popular with students of all ages

Training direction

Excel report, PPT presentation training

Course Name

[ Excel Workplace Enhancement Boot Camp ]

[ Visual charts in the era of big data ]

[ Presentation Workplace Effectiveness Boot Camp ]

[ Introduction and continuous learning of Office for new employees ]

Wu Shangri-Line

Delivering the art of business to the presentation elite
  • 8 years brand marketing elite
  • Former Director of Marketing for Jane One Brand
  • Years of practical experience in corporate presentations
  • Over 10,000 hours of project customization and training experience
  • Over 200,000 people trained online and nearly 100,000 offline
  • Author of the "Elite Presentation" series
  • UK CIP Certified Presentation Coach
  • Graduated from Raffles Design Institute, one of the top 50 schools in the world

Training direction

Presentation training, speech delivery

Course Name

[ One hour to solve presentation tasks at work in a flash ]

[ How presentation empowers corporate brands ]

Wang Debao

Spotlight on Excel/PowerPoint efficient application experts
  • Microsoft Certified Office Specialist
  • WPS Excellence Classes Featured Expert
  • National Vocational Qualification Certified Corporate Trainer
  • In 2013, we were awarded "Best Excel Instructor" by Sohu
  • In 2016, he was awarded "Top 100 Lecturer of the Year" by Netease
  • Instructor of "Workplace Accelerator" certification class in Akiba

Training direction

PowerPoint design, Excel data analysis

Course Name

[ Excel efficient data statistics ]

[ Excel Meets PowerPoint - Excellence in Workplace Report Production and Presentation ]

[ Efficiency with Office - workplace office skills improvement ]

[ Excel Elite Crash Course ]

Bear King

International trainer who takes training to Dubai
  • Microsoft Office International Certified Master (MOS)
  • Special Expert of Kingsoft WPS International Certification Board / Special Expert of Excellence Course
  • Kingsoft Office Most Valuable Professional (KVP)
  • Certified International Senior Professional Trainer (City&Guilds)
  • Senior Corporate Trainer (CAEA), Ministry of Education, China Cheng Kung Association
  • 8 years experience 50,000 pages of presentation design experience
  • 600+ training sessions experience

Training direction

PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Mind Mapping

Course Name

[ PowerPoint Business Presentation and Presentation ]

[ The Tao of Excel Data ]

[ Play around with Word document layout ]

[ Structured thinking and mind mapping ]

Deng Hua

PowerPoint instructor based in Changsha
  • Microsoft Office System & Excel direction Most Valuable Professional (MVP)
  • 5 years of experience in SAP software implementation in foreign companies
  • 8 years of experience in Office software training
  • Training a total of 3500+ students

Training direction

PPT presentation design, Word document editing, Excel data management and analysis

Course Name

[ Word Document Editing Expert ]

[ Excel Data Management and Analysis Course ]

[ Presentation Design Expert ]

Wang Zhongchao

20 Years Office Boot Camp Evergreen
  • University of Science and Technology Beijing MBA
  • Microsoft (China) Staff Skills Improvement Program Featured Instructor
  • Distinguished Lecturer, MBA Program, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business
  • Partner, North University Management Consulting
  • 14 years of experience in business management consulting
  • Training cumulative 10000+ students
  • 19 years of experience in Office practical boot camp

Training direction

Power BI business intelligence data analysis, Project project planning and management, presentation to enhance workplace effectiveness Excel efficient finance, HR data management

Course Name

[ Business Presentation Persuasion ]

[ Excel business data visualization presentation ]

[ Power BI Business Intelligence Data Analytics ]

[ Project Project Planning and Management ]

Li Zhijian

Presentation landing transformation training expert
  • Lead Presentation Designer/Trainer of Light Presentation
  • Top 10 Trainers" in the 2020 National Training Excellence Competition
  • 2018 "Sales Champion" and "Presentation Champion" of a Fortune 500 foreign-owned single product
  • Microsoft Office Specialist MASTER
  • Certified presentation designer for,, and
  • 5 years of training experience in large and medium-sized enterprises
  • 500 training sessions in total

Training direction

Presentation design, Excel data management and analysis

Course Name

[ Slide Show Planning ]

[ Effective Presentation Skills ]

[ SPIN Sales Techniques ]

[ Business Beauty Plan for Startup BP ]

[ DISC personality ]

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