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iSlide (Chengdu iSlide Network Technology Co., Ltd.), formerly known as Nordri Design, was founded in 2007 as China's first agency specializing in business presentation design and has created effective communication value for nearly 1,000 international and local clients over the years.

Its product iSlide add-in - as an efficient design tools for slides - has helped millions of workplace people make changes and effectively improve the design efficiency and professionalism of slide documents. For enterprise/organizational applications, it protects original templates/works in the document field through block deposit technology, and cooperates with VCG to build a library of genuine materials, providing enterprises/organizations with commercially available license protection and avoiding copyright risks.

iSlide是一家专注于“商业幻灯演示” 的产品设计创新公司始创于2007年@上海,作为中国首家专业从事PPT商业演示设计的公司机构,多年来,为近百家国际五百强与本土客户创造了有效沟通的价值。
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iSlide是一家专注于“商业幻灯演示” 的产品设计创新公司始创于2007年@上海,作为中国首家专业从事PPT商业演示设计的公司机构,多年来,为近百家国际五百强与本土客户创造了有效沟通的价值。

The iSlide add-in is now live

iSlide is upgraded from the predecessor Nordri add-in, initially 3 library resources, each material is highly corresponding to the ecological rules in PPT, so that people can quickly complete the production of a slide of presentation, from now on the world has a presentation good helper

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PowerPoint add-in

iSlide - a "one-click" efficiency tool based on presentation design (compatible with Office and WPS platforms) is born. With 38 built-in design tools and 8 online resources, you can save 90% of your presentation design time!

Team Values

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We define passion as a state full of imagination and creativity, which makes the rational and emotional coexistence of design work interesting, and at the same time makes the products we create more valuable and services more warm.


We continue to explore and refine in the field of business information presentation and design, and our rich project experience enables us to assist our clients to deliver more accurate information.

Positive Energy

We take advantage of our resources and design strengths, and in this era of impatience and crisis of trust, we are actively involved in various public interest collaborations, believing that PPT can be a force that can persuade, influence and move.
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iSlide是一家专注于“商业幻灯演示” 的产品设计创新公司始创于2007年@上海,作为中国首家专业从事PPT商业演示设计的公司机构,多年来,为近百家国际五百强与本土客户创造了有效沟通的价值。