Unified font

Replace the font in the current PPT document with the specified Chinese and English font with one key, and automatically correspond when inserting text boxes in the PPT or entering Chinese and English characters in placeholders to maintain unified reading recognition.

Unified Paragraph

The default line spacing of 1.0 times in PPT is based on the rules defined by English characters, which is not suitable for typesetting and reading of Chinese multi text. The unified paragraph function can unify the text in the current PPT document to the specified line spacing and the space before and after the paragraph.

Uniform Color

Identify and list all non "theme colors" used in the current PPT document, and uniformly replace them with the colors in "theme colors". You can also uniformly edit the shape filling, outline, text, shadow, etc. in the PPT document, establish the color use specification of the whole document, and present the professional.

Smart Reference Line

Add layout reference lines in PPT with one click to standardize the design layout, and with the "Reference Line Layout" function in "Design Tools" to automatically align page elements (text, graphics, pictures, charts, tables) in PPT.
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