Matrix layout

One graphic (or icon or picture) will be selected, and the matrix layout of multiple graphics with equal spacing will be copied horizontally / vertically. You can also quickly arrange a group of scattered figures into a matrix layout with equal horizontal and vertical spacing.

Matrix Trimming

Crop the selected graphic (or picture) in landscape and portrait orientation, suitable for making gridded graphics/pictures, or pyramid diagrams.

Circular layout

Select a drawing and copy multiple groups of drawings in a circular arrangement. Or select a group of scattered figures and quickly arrange them into a circular layout with equal radius / spacing.

Circular clipping

Cut the selected circle (circle or ellipse) figure or picture and pie shape according to circular cutting. It is suitable for making bull's-eye chart and pie chart of year-on-year data.

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Intelligent Selection

You can select or invert all the graphics with the same shape / format attribute in the current ppt page

Adding and removing watermarks

Batch adding and deleting page watermarks in ppt

Crop picture

Cut the pictures of different sizes into a uniform size with one click, and keep the pictures automatically cropped without stretching and deformation

Color picker

Read any color on the PPT page and the screen outside the page, and apply it to the PPT shape

Control point adjustment

Digital precision adjustment of handles for shapes with handle adjustment inserted in PPT

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