Case Library

In addition to providing well-designed templates, it also provides you with logical outlines and frameworks, and even more valuable and reusable content, which can be used in many scenarios, such as event planning and scheme, work summary, research report, marketing, business plan, training courseware, competitive debriefing, graduation defense, press conference, etc.

Theme Library

The PPT theme can be understood as the "skin" in the real sense of PPT. It is an effective resource to improve ppt efficiency and establish standardization, helping document editors save time and form a unified standard. The islide theme library contains 8 common ppt scenarios, including ppt work summary, business plan, training courseware, festival celebration, competitive employment report, graduation defense and press conference.

Diagram Library

Graphic representation is the visualization of graphics to represent or explain something, which is intuitive and easy to understand and easy to remember. The graphical expression makes ppt distinguish word documents. The islide graphic library function helps non professional designers express and transmit information more vividly. The diagram contains categories such as directory, list, process, cycle, hierarchy, relationship, matrix, pyramid, etc.

Chart Library

Provide more professional excel editable data chart templates such as ppt bar chart, bar chart, gradient chart, ring chart, pie chart, etc. at the same time, it also provides intelligent charts, which can quickly realize the accurate expression of data and graphics through parameter adjustment, so that everyone can edit the data visual design.

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8 ppt resource libraries support private template uploading


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Color Library

Each ppt theme uses its unique set of 12 colors, fonts, and effects to create the overall look of the slide. Islide color library provides users with PPT "theme colors" that can be quickly applied to current ppt documents, so as to maintain harmony and consistency in color matching.

Icon Library

Enjoy 200000 + vector icons for free download and one click ppt insertion. Full vector format icon file, you can adjust the size and modify the color at will. The intelligent replacement function can easily replace any shape in the PPT with an icon, which is convenient for the user to occupy the space through the shape layout and replace it with an icon when necessary.

Photo Gallery

From now on, PPT designers can no longer be bothered by finding pictures! The islide picture library provides free pictures based on the Creative Commons cc0 sharing protocol, and you can download any picture in the islide picture library to the PPT with one click, or fill it into any selected graphic on the PPT page, and keep the proportion unchanged, effectively avoiding the stretching and deformation of the picture, and changing the picture can be as simple as changing the color!

Illustration Gallery

As an important decorative element in PPT, illustrations can enrich the effect of page design. Illustrations are composed of vector graphics, which is different from traditional pictures. They are very flexible and editable, and can effectively control the volume of the final document. Users can quickly filter the content they want through the islide illustration library, download it to the PPT with one click, or arbitrarily replace the existing illustrations and graphics in the PPT.
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