Save 90% of your PPT design time!

Islide aims to help users make changes and create professional PPT presentation documents more efficiently through functions, templates and course learning

Embedded integrated ppt/wps software function menu

Install and use immediately, seamlessly connect with ppt/wps software, Download templates and directly insert ppt/wps demonstration documents; It is simple and fast. If you can use PPT, you can use islide and save learning costs

Three end product application to meet different working scenarios

Islide products include desktop side (plug-in), mobile side (app/ applet) and web side applications. The same account can be used in different product sides, and members' rights and interests can be shared

Desktop side

38 design auxiliary functions + 8 resource libraries with more than 300000 ppt templates / materials, seamlessly embedded in ppt/wps software menus, helping to efficiently create professional presentation documents

Mobile terminal

Fragmented browsing / creating templates, making ppt a quick step

Web side

Rapid and accurate screening, real-time access to the latest original islide templates

Client ppt design auxiliary function, no networking, offline available

Unified font
Replace the font in the current document with the specified Chinese and English fonts with one click
Unified Paragraph
Unify the text paragraphs (except the title) in the current document into the specified line spacing and paragraph spacing with one click
Uniform Color
Replace the filtered color type uniformly with the theme color specified in the current document
Smart Reference Line
Add layout guides to the document with one click to standardize the design layout
Matrix layout
Quickly duplicate a graph or rearrange multiple graphs into a matrix through parameterized settings
Matrix Trimming
Crop the selected graphics or pictures horizontally and vertically, suitable for grid or pyramid diagrams
Circular layout
Quickly duplicate a graph or select multiple graphs to rearrange them into rings or sectors
Circular clipping
Cut the selected circle (circle or ellipse) graphics or pictures, pie shapes according to ring cutting
Crop picture
Crop multiple pictures into a uniform size, and keep the picture proportions the same without deformation

8 ppt online resource libraries, one click template material insertion


Online classroom synchronization, PPT design from novice to master

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Getting good at PPT starts with iSlide
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