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Hello iSlide friends, my name is Luigi. After the National Day, I believe that many people have started to prepare the quarterly summary of Q3 one after another, right?

In addition to the beautiful template, the presentation of the presentation is also a highlight of PPT~ It not only satisfies the visual preference for animation, but also carries many functions, such as making the logic clearer, guiding the audience's visual focus, etc. .

Today I have summarized 5 practical and simple PPT animations for you. Open your PPT and let’s watch and do it together~

01 Trigger

First look at the animation effect:

Specific operation method:

Prepare a static PPT page first. Here we recommend an easy-to-use visual map generation artifact, which is suitable for PPT of company or business development process.

After entering the website, you can choose the map of the place you want to download, and provide SVG format. However, amcharts also has certain limitations. Its map can only be detailed in the province, and cannot be further detailed. If you want to go to the city and district in detail , you can use DataV, but DataV is currently under maintenance and cannot be used.

After the download is complete, import the map in SVG format into PPT, and use Ctrl+shift+G to convert it into a graphic object. After the conversion is complete, you can freely set the shape format.

Now let's add animation to the prepared PPT, select a city, select [Fade] and [Zoom] animations in the animation, and change the start to the same time as the previous item:

So how to achieve the effect of making the city appear by clicking on the small yellow circle below?

Triggers need to be used here. PPT triggers can be understood as a button. This button can be a picture, text or graphics, etc. The principle is simply to automatically execute the set animation by clicking the button.

Select the city where the animation has been set just now, add [Trigger] - [Click] to the animation, and find the serial number corresponding to the small yellow circle;

When there are many graphics and texts in a page of PPT, you can quickly find the serial number corresponding to the graphics that need to be animated through the [Select Pane] function in the [Start]-[Arrangement] option.

Finally, we can quickly add the same animation to several other cities via the animation brush.

Similarly, after learning the trigger function, you can also use it in the product introduction PPT (this trick is loved by product managers~), and see if the effect is suddenly advanced:

02 Smooth switching

An animation function that is about to be introduced as "rotten", the principle was also introduced in detail in the previous tweet, but because of the trial and error, I will briefly mention it here~

Smooth transition is an animation effect that makes it move smoothly when switching from one PPT to another.

First look at the animation effect:

It can be seen that after using smooth transition, the transition between pages is very natural and silky, but two points need to be paid attention to when using smooth transition:

  • Smooth switching is to connect pages and pages, that is to say, if you want to use this function, you need at least two pages of PPT and above;
  • Smooth transitions can only be applied to the same object, which means that there must be the same object on the PPT page.

If the above two conditions are not met, smooth switching cannot be applied. Using the iSlide plugin, you can easily achieve smooth transitions and make animations silky smooth. In many of our past popular videos, advanced presentation effects are achieved through smooth switching——

Specific operation method:

Where do 3D materials come from? There are many built-in 3D models in Office, and there are various categories. You can use the insert you like in [Insert] - [3D Model].

After selecting the material, prepare the first page of PPT:

Copy a few more identical PPTs and adjust the size, position and text of each page according to the content:

After completing all adjustments, select [Switch], and then add a smooth transition to all PPT pages, and a cool smooth transition animation is completed.

03 Action

Let's take a look at the animation effect first:

Specific operation method:

Looking at the animation effect, we can see that by clicking the arrow on the left, the pictures and texts change on the PPT page.

First set the fixed elements on the left in the PPT master:

The change of pictures and text can be realized according to the smooth switching mentioned in the second part, copy several pages of the same PPT, arrange the pictures and text that need to be changed in order, and then add smooth switching to all pages.

After setting the picture, then set the effect of click to switch. Select the arrow on the left, and click the mouse in [Insert]-[Action] to hyperlink to the specified PPT page.

In the same way, adding the same instructions to each page of PPT is done.

04 Combined animations used at the same time

When multiple elements need to be entered from outside the page, usually the choice is to add fly-in animations to these elements at the same time. However, if you have several elements appearing at the same time, it will appear a little confusing, people lose focus and don't know which one to pay attention to.

At this time, we will use our combined animation to feel -

Is such a well-defined animation effect better than a whole static picture to highlight the primary and secondary, and guide the other party to quickly get the point you want to express?

Specific operation method:

This is a relatively coherent trigger + smooth switching combination animation, which is very suitable for product introduction PPT. First prepare a static PPT:

In the renderings, you can find that the floor lamp is also rotating, select the 3D model, and in the [Animation] column, you can find a total of five animation effects:

According to the needs, I have added the animation effect of the [turntable] to the floor lamp here. After selecting the animation effect, you can also make additional settings in the [Effect Options].

Now let's rationalize the logic of the entire animation: click to first appear the light source - then reflect the lighting of the whole house - then show other selling points of the lamp - finally announce the price.

We set the animation separately according to the logic, and add a [Erase] to the light, floor plan and text to enter the animation:

To reflect the rhythm of the animation, add a delay to the floor plan and text.

Then continue to show other selling points of the luminaire. In order to make the animation look elegant, first copy the same PPT on a page to set the smooth transition transition, and then click and display by setting the trigger mentioned in the first part.

As can be seen from the renderings, after clicking the arrow in the lower right corner, the highlights will appear in turn. This effect can be achieved by adding [Path]-[Line] animations to the highlights respectively.

The last step is to display key prices. Here, you can use the [Drawing] tool to hand-paint lines to emphasize the price. There are three types of brushes in the drawing tool, and the thickness and color of the brush can be set by yourself.

After the drawing is completed, select the drawn ink, and then select [Replay] in the animation effect.

  • Summarize the setting logic of this complete combined animation:
    • Click to appear light source (wipe into animation)
    • Embodied light up the whole house (set the animation delay to appear time)
  •         ——Smooth switching transition——
    • Demonstrate other selling points of this light (trigger + linear path animation)
    • Reveal the price (drawing tool emphasizes the price)

    05 More interesting animations

    Do you like this animation effect? Here we keep a suspense, everyone can think about how to achieve it, and tell me the answer in the comment area~

    A brilliant PPT requires a good copywriting structure + aesthetic page design and layout + harmonious color matching + content layout + expression. Among them, a good PPT animation will become the finishing touch in the entire PPT presentation process.

    Although there are only more than 200 basic animation effects built in PPT, we can create ever-changing creative effects by combining basic animation actions.

    The PPT combined animation production (including the animation effect of 3D elements) shown in the article is just the tip of the iceberg in the PPT animation treasure library. As long as you use your imagination, you can create a lot of very creative animations, even comparable to many professional animations. software effects.