Early Bird Discount | Buy iSlide Premium Membership at an Incredibly Low Price


It has been 5 months since iSlide released the English version and entered the global market. We have got invaluable users and received many good suggestions to help us optimize our product. To thank you for your support at the beginning stage of iSlide, we decide to give you an early-bird discount. So you can become iSlide Premium member at a very low price. (To learn the difference of Basic member and Premium member, please click here.)

Now, you can buy the 1-month Premium membership at the price of $4.95. Moreover, you can buy the 1-year Premium membership for ONLY $29.95. This is the first and the largest discount we have ever given. Please know that this Early Bird offer is for a limited time. Just run iSlide add-in to upgrade or renew the Premium membership. Trust me, you don’t want to miss it.

If you are not a Premium member yet, please click “Upgrade Premium” to take this special offer.


If you are already a Premium member, please click Account > Premium Expiration > Renew Premium to renew your Premium membership at this super low price.


If you haven’t had iSlide installed in your computer yet, please download iSlide first.